Thursday, November 05, 2015


October 30/31 marks the 134th Anniversary of the death 
of Jerome Collins. 
Click on this link below to read my story, which was just published locally in the Hometown Focus paper. 
It gives an in-depth look on the life of Collins, and the work we've accomplished researching his incredible life.

How it all began: My Sojourn to The Past 


Mark Rickards said...

Dear Amy
I have read with interest your posts about Jerome Collins and I wanted to let you know that I am a descendant of his brother, Bernard Collins. My grandmother was Winifred Collins, the daughter of Bernard, from his second marriage.

Bernard worked as a mining engineer on the Gold Coast in Africa after returning from the USA. We still have some artefacts from his time in Africa. My grandmother Winifred lived in London and died on the south coast after retiring to Dorset. As a child I visited her many times and she often talked about her uncle, Jerome Collins, and the Jeannette expedition. Over the years I have heard many stories both of the expedition and the funeral in New York, along with the details of how Bernard travelled back to Cork and Jerome's final resting place. She also talked about Bernard's first marriage and her half-sister and half-brothers - they were called Jerome and John and the half-sister was Helen. Helen lived in the south of London in a suburb called Croydon. John had a son, we think he was also called Jerome, and he lived in Bridport in south-west England.

So my relation to Jerome Collins must be similar to yours - my great-grandfather was Bernard Collins, the brother of Jerome.
I have always known the stories of the Collins family and Jerome, but I have yet to visit Cork.
I myself was born and brought up in London and I now live in Scotland, married to a Canadian. I have one brother and one sister also resident in the UK.

I hope you may find the family connections of interest!
Wishing you all the best

Amy said...

HI Mark!
I am amazed you found the blog and found me! Thanks for the post! I will be sending you an email soon, can't say enough how excited I am to hear more!

All the best,