Monday, August 13, 2007

A Trip Around The World

I keep apologizing every time I post for the long delays inbetween my posts. But since this blog isn't the most popular one out there, well, I think I can be forgiven.

I am still enjoying contact with Jack from the AOH on the east coast. He's such a great man, always willing to inform me and educate me in regard to Ireland and her history. Same with Fred and Ronnie. Mike has been such a Godsend to us, actually told me that he feels like he's watching the birth of a baby as he's witness to Ronnie and I writing Jerome's bio. And he's right. But for me I think this has been in the making since I was 12 years old and just didn't know it until I started piecing the puzzle together and accepted the ironies of the contacts I had made.

Fred showed me on Skype what Part II of our article looks like, said he'll post it from either Western Australia or Boston, he hasn't decided yet. He said he has a few 'round the world tickets and will be going to Cork to give a presentation to Ronnie's historical society this month, and then go to Boston and then California where ironically the AOH is rolling out the red carpet for him and then on to New Zealand and back home to Western Australia. Hope that man gets some sleep with all those time zone changes. Fred is a wonderful singer, and is so modest and humble about it. I hope Ronnie gets him to sing a few notes after he gives his presentation, after all, Ronnie is taping it for me (I've yet to afford the expense to go with my family over to Ireland!). Anyway, from what I could tell, the article looks great and my photo and Ronnie's appears in this 2nd 1/2 of Jerome's story.
I'm still trying to make waves with the Navy and have been calling them trying to get Jerome's record cleared of the trivial charges. No news yet. I'm being ignored. Things are going at a slow pace with all my requests I have out there. I'm waiting on documentation from quite a few sources, and everyone is taking their time. Frustrating. But every month is still bringing about new discoveries and this month brings me back out to the east coast before Jerome sailed on the Jeannette. The man touched so many lives and locations and left such a huge trail, it's amazing that an imprint of his life hasn't been rightfully preserved.

All in all, I've been busy doing research every spare moment I have. Well, ALMOST. Incase you are one of the few people out there that didn't notice, the 7th and final Harry Potter book was released, and I'm just about to the end. What can I say? I love Harry Potter... I'm 37 and I love Harry Potter. Meanwhile at 37 years of age Uncle Jerome was already busy memorizing the lines to HMS Pinafore, visiting Thomas Edison, exploring geological sites, learning photography, forecasting trans-atlantic storms, and oh, gearing up to sail to the North Pole. Now if that doesn't make me feel unaccomplished, I don't know what will. But back then, Jerome didn't have iPods and iPhones and Google, he didn't have Harry Potter books and TV, DVD's and VCR's, so it makes sense to say in the 1800's they led a very focused education without much distraction. Now, if I were writing Jerome's bio in his era, the book would have been written and published months ago. But I have to multi-task living in 2007, and on somedays I multi-multi-task! So on that note, I have to go let the dogs out, clean the kitchen and make some phone calls while I do some laundry and pick up toys while my computer is busy burning some music cd's, and maybe eat something inbetween all this .

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