Friday, December 15, 2006

REWARD! Have YOU seen this Congressional Gold Medal?

These are photos of a silver Congressional Medal, given to a crewmember of the Jeannette. It is dated 1879-1882. It depicts an arctic scene of the Jeannette crushed and sinking in the ice pack. Men are escaping and have boats loaded wtih supplies.

In 1900, when my Great-Great Grandfather Dr. Daniel F. Collins died, the GOLD Congressional Medal, which was awarded to him on behalf of his brother Jerome Collins' death while serving on the Jeannette, was STOLEN from our family. It has been LOST ever since. It is a tragedy that the one item honoring Jerome Collins has disappeared, never to be seen again by our family.

It is my hope that someone will step forward who has possession of this medal, or knows its whereabouts, and return it to our family so that it may be indefinitely loaned to a museum in County Cork to rest alongside Jerome Collins artifacts. This way, our family will be able to return what rightfully belongs not only to us, but all of Ireland as well.

Please help us bring Jerome J. Collins home to Ireland!

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